About Me

Thailand is an amazing place for sexy parties and I am so glad that I get to live here all the time. I love to dress up in my leather gear and go to the BDSM clubs. Spanking is my main thing and I will let any man or woman spank my bottom hard. Sometimes it can be difficult to find someone to spank me but that’s ok as I… Read Article →

Planning the Perfect Adult Party.

Planning a party, whether it be a kid’s birthday or a celebration of a momentous adult occasion can be fun and stressful at the same time, primarily because you don’t know what to expect or if everything will turn out as you planned. Even if you are among the company of friends and family who love you unconditionally, there will still be awkward moments when that love and devotion may… Read Article →

Thailand Host and Hostess Club Scene

Host and hostess clubs are night-time entertainment business that are popular in East Asia. Hostess clubs are comprised primarily of a female staff that cater to male customers looking for drinks and attentive conversation; while host clubs are primarily male staffed and cater to female customers. The staff are usually young, beautiful, sexy and attractive. Host and hostess clubs offer many different servics, from drinks and conversation, to dancing and… Read Article →